Whill power wheelchair dallas fort worth

The WHILL power wheelchair brings innovation to Dallas Fort Worth

Whill power wheelchair dallas fort worth

Mobility Healthcare is always looking for the latest innovation in wheelchairs to bring to the Dallas Fort Worth market.  There has been a lot of buzz over the last couple of years about the all new WHILL power wheelchair coming to the U.S. and it is now available.  This innovative and futuristic wheelchair has many wheelchair consumers excited and we are very excited to now be a local dealer of this all new mobility device.

The CEO and founder of WHILL, Sagoshi Sugi, was inspired and motivated to develop a cutting-edge wheelchair for one of his neighbors. Although he required the use of a wheelchair, he didn’t like being viewed as crippled or weak in public. Therefore, he wanted to design a wheelchair that would allow the user to feel cool and confident, while benefitting from the advances in technology in order to improve their overall experience.

More than Just a Power Wheelchair

Between WHILL’s advanced technology and savvy design, it’s taking the concept of personal mobility to a whole new level overall. With its ground-breaking technology and minimalistic beauty, Whill is providing mobility with uncomplicated style and versatility. In a WHILL, people see the actual user of the power wheelchair rather than the wheelchair itself. The overall design is very sleek and modern-looking.

A Life Without Boundaries

WHILL’s power wheelchair has the ability to move effortlessly virtually anywhere you desire to go. It’s a unique combination of both high-tech performance and incomparable beauty. It was designed and engineered to easily incorporate the different aspects of your lifestyle, whether you’re working, playing, or resting, which essentially makes it one of the most elegant yet powerful electric wheelchairs found anywhere. WHILL was actually designed by former Nissan and Toyota automobile industry engineers and experts. Also, it’s the first ever mobility device to include All Direction 4WD, which is a core technology that facilitates full terrain coverage and advanced motion.

Benefits of Using a WHILL Mobility Device

Some of WHILL’s most unique features that set it apart from other electric wheelchairs in the industry include the following:

  • Larger, unique front wheels that maintain the ability to easily maneuver over steep hills and rough terrains along with gravel, snow, wood chips, and grass.
  • Has All Direction 4WD and a minimal turning radius.
  • Offers the choice between an ergonomic joystick or mouse controller style to steer the chair, which can accommodate either right or left-handed users.
  • Seat glides backwards or forwards, enabling easier table seating and smoother transfers.
    Arms can easily glide up to allow the user ample space when sitting at tables or desks.
  • Ability to control ‘Acceleration Management System’ that enables users to personalize both the movement and speed of their WHILL, which can also be accessed through a smart device app.

In general, the controller that steers the WHILL was developed to imitate the way a person uses a mouse on a computer, including the ability to turn on a dime with 360 degrees of free motion. The front wheels consist of 24 tiny separate tires, which enables highly maneuverability while indoors, while the 4WD is ideal for traversing rough terrain outside. This innovative power wheelchair is able to top out at a speed of up to 6 miles per hour without wobbling or tipping. The battery takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge and can provide enough power to facilitate a trip up to 15 miles long.

Although the individuals who use power wheelchairs do in fact require their assistance, using a WHILL electric wheelchair feels so modern and innovative from the look and feel of a more traditional electric wheelchair that it seems more like a privilege to use it than an actual necessity.

We are very excited to be the very first dealer in the Dallas Fort Worth market to have a WHILL mobility device at our Lewisville location so that Dallas Fort Worth could experience the features and check out the innovation available via the WHILL wheelchair.  If you are interested in checking out the chair, please feel free to contact us as we would love the opportunity to show you the latest innovative power wheelchair on the market.

Power wheelchairs Dallas Fort Worth

Power wheelchairs enable Dallas Fort Worth residents to be more independent

Power wheelchairs Dallas Fort Worth

Power wheelchairs enable people to move around freely within their homes and communities and also help to increase their personal independence in spite of their limited mobility overall.

When it comes to power mobility, it’s primarily available in the form of either power wheelchairs or electric scooters. The personal choice to use one or the other greatly depends on the abilities and the needs of the user. Understanding some of the key benefits that power wheelchairs offer can help you in making the right decision.

Conserving Energy

A power, or electric, wheelchair is very helpful to conserve someone’s energy. This aspect is especially true for individuals with certain disabilities, such as post polio syndrome or multiple sclerosis. An electric wheelchair can enable individuals to be mobile inside their home or out in the community without the need to expend a great deal of energy and muscle fatigue. As a result, it allows them to engage in activities they enjoy or have to perform.

Conserving Space

The primary difference between an electric scooter and a power wheelchair is the turning radius. Usually, power wheelchairs have a significantly smaller turning radius, meaning they’re more maneuverable in tighter spaces. Also, electric wheelchairs have more options in terms of front wheel drives and center wheel drives for greater manageability in smaller spaces in general.


Electric wheelchairs enable individuals to travel longer distances overall. This is a very important advantage for people with limited mobility since it gives them the chance to travel much further around the community vs. using a manual wheelchair.


The seating options on power wheelchairs have more customizable features. This is crucial for people who need to use positioning devices for stability and trunk control. They can be customized with back and seat cushions with a number of positioning features for better comfort.

Also, electric wheelchairs have various options for power recline and tilt, which are ideal for people who spend most of their time in a wheelchair due to limited mobility. Both recline and tilt features offer relief for those who have to sit for extra long periods of time.


In an electric wheelchair, there is much less worry about the possibility of falling or experiencing an accident due to the stability of the wheelchair itself.

Various Terrains

Power wheelchairs have the added benefit of traveling safely over a wide range of terrains due to the different wheel positions and types of tires. The most common position for wheels regarding electric wheelchairs are essentially rear wheel drive, whereby the biggest wheel is in the rear and the front holds smaller casters. This provides a greater degree of stability overall both indoors and out.

On the other hand, front wheel drives or center wheel drives, whereby the bigger wheels are in the front or center of the electric wheelchair alter the center of gravity concerning the wheelchair and can therefore help in maneuvering the wheelchair over curbs and other obstacles.

Consider all the physical aspects such as visual perception, posture, and comfort when choosing an electric wheelchair for best results.

Mobility Healthcare, located in Lewisville, has been providing residents in the Dallas Fort Worth area with various types of wheelchairs for many years.  We have a well qualified staff to assist you in selecting the most appropriate wheelchair for your unique situation.  Aside from all the power wheelchairs offer, they are also covered by some insurance providers including Medicare. We also have have power wheelchairs available for retail purchase as well as for rental.  Contact us for more information.

emergency medical supplies

The Sleep Apnea Patient’s Guide to Treatment

emergency medical suppliesSleep apnea is a common disorder that affects more than 18 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Those who suffer from sleep apnea experience multiple pauses in breathing during their sleep. Sleep apnea can occur 30 times or more an hour, and pauses can range from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea
Untreated sleep apnea can lead to a variety of health issues due to the disruption of sleep, which leaves patients feeling unrested. This includes excessive tiredness, high blood pressure, issues with the heart, diabetes, headaches, and depression.

Causes of Sleep Apneas
While sleep apnea can affect anyone at any age, there are a few factors that raise the risk of developing sleep apnea. This includes being overweight, over the age of 40, having a large neck or large tonsils, acid reflex, or nasal obstructions due to allergies or sinus problems.

Sleep Apnea Treatment
Patients who suffer from chronic sleep apnea should seek treatment to avoid other medical complications that can occur as a result of the breathing. According to the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, approximately 38,000 deaths occur each year due to cardiovascular problems that are related to sleep apnea.

Minor cases of sleep apnea can be treated through lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or losing weight. However, in cases of severe sleep apnea issues, many doctors recommend emergency medical supplies, such as a CPAP machine. These machines deliver air pressure through the nose, which helps keep the upper airway passages open, preventing the pauses in breathing. CPAP supplies can be found at your local medical supply store, along with a variety of other emergency medical supplies that will keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

Medical Product Rental Lewisville TX

Renting wheelchairs, scooter, lift chairs and oxygen is a great option for DFW residents


Many people in the Dallas Fort Worth area are in need of special medical equipment such as wheelchair prefer buying one for themselves or for their loved ones. However, this option is not affordable for many and in instances it is cheaper and more convenient to rent the equipment, especially where the patient will no longer need the equipment after recovery, need for special activites or for traveling. Some of the most common home medical products for rent include wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs and portable oxygen concentrators. The following are some reasons why you would want to rent them for short term use.

Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchairs are comfortable, lightweight and offer maneuverability. Wheelchair rentals include both manual and power wheelchairs to meet the needs of various conditions where mobility is an issue. Manual wheelchairs must be wheeled by the owner or be pushed by another person while power wheelchairs don’t need manual guidance. They are powered by electric motors which are controlled and operated by a joystick at the arm of the chair. Power wheelchairs are great for navigating in your buildings since they have a higher back support than scooter and can get through doorways easily. Wheelchair rentals are practical and affordable option which can help you save thousands of dollars. There are many reasons why your loved one may be in need of a wheelchair which includes a broken leg and more serious injuries and illness such as cerebral palsy, paraplegia and spinal cord injuries.

Scooter Rental

Mobility scooters are designed for individuals who need accessible mobility aids due to physical disabilities that make walking difficult. They are powered by motors and can have either three or four wheels. Scooters come in various configurations although they are usually categorized into two main groups: transportable and standard scooters. Transportable scooters are highly portable because they are collapsible meaning they can fit in the trunk of most cars. This makes them ideal for use during, picnics, theme parks, convections, vacation resorts and tourist areas.  Many people look to rent scooters for outdoor activities so that they can participate with their family or loved ones.

Lift chair rental

Lift chairs help individuals stand up gradually by offering lift into a standing position without causing injury. Their mobility is designed to feel and appear like a recliner so as to offer maximum comfort. They are ideal for people incapable of standing up from a regular armchair due to injuries and conditions such as severe arthritis and broken hip. They come in different sizes and configurations where some have one motor while others have two motors. With the single motor, it may be hard for you to sit at a given angle but with the double motor chair, you are free to open the hip angle wider to relieve comfort. In addition, the dual motor lift chair allows you to sit straighter with your legs stretched out straight.  Renting a lift chair can be very beneficial for those who are recovering from surgery, injury or other event who expect to recover back to some form of independence.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Portable oxygen concentrators are perfect for people living with respiratory problems that make it hard to get enough oxygen naturally. It may be as a result of lung injuries or other chronic diseases that require oxygen therapy. This includes pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. An oxygen concentrator makes it easier for you to breathe while maintaining your independence and freedom. There are many benefits of using portable oxygen concentrators including better mobility, convenience, compliance with oxygen therapy and ability to exercise and do more with your oxygen when in the community.

It is clear that there are many benefits of rental home medical products. You can rent high quality and durable medical equipment from Mobility Healthcare with just a minimal investment for a day, week or month. We carry some of the highest quality rental products in all of Dallas Fort Worth and have helped thousands of customers over the last 15 years.  Our staff is very qualified to help you select the most appropriate rental product for your unique need.  Contact us today about our rental programs or feel free to come visit us at our Lewisville location.

Review Of The New Java Wheelchair Cushion By Ride Designs


For those who are in a wheelchair in the Dallas Fort Worth area, there are many great resources to assist you with your seating and positioning needs.  We have some of the best clinicians, hospitals and therapists in the U.S. and now there is a great new product that can help you with your seating and positioning needs.  Having the right positioning product can be a life changer and we are very excited to talk about a new product on the market.  In this blog post we take a look at the all new Java® Wheelchair Cushion by Ride Designs.  Here is a quick video review by Ride Designs of the new wheelchair cushion:

Product Overview

In this section we take a look at the different aspects of Ride Designs’ creation: the Java cushion. These are:

1. Basic Description: The contour of the wheelchair cushion works by the principle of redistributing the pressure forces. This means that those areas that are prone to postural stress have a decreased force of shear applied to it, while the bulk of the pressure is redirected to the areas that are soft and more tolerant. The basic premise of this design is a systematic reduction of long term skin risk as well as a reduction of deep tissue risk that adversely affects the muscle tone of the gluteo-femoral muscle range.

2. Research Backing: The Ride Designs Java Cushion is one of the only wheelchair cushions ever to have taken part of a university level research project. Here is a summary of the research:

Interface Pressure Mapping (IPM): 

Methodology: 10 subjects with SCI, Paraplegia were taken of which 9 were male and 1 female. The average age was 45 and the average time since onset was 20 years. The Interface pressure measurements were performed using the Xsensor pressure mapping system and 5 2-minute trials were concluded with both an air cushion and the Java cushion with the cushions being unweighted between trails.

Objective: The aim of the research was to compare the IPM dispersion index between Java Cushion and the air cushions. The dispersion index (DI) is the sum of pressure distributed over the IT and sacral regions divided by the sum of pressure readings over the entire interface pressure mat and is expressed as a percentage.

Results: Interface pressure mapping results indicate effective “off-loading” of the Java Cushion and the dispersion index was significantly lower on the Java Cushion compared to the air cushion, particularly among chronic SCI subjects.

MRI Research:

Methodology: 10 subjects were taken, all with SCI, Paraplegia. The average time since onset was 18.4 years, with most recent being 3 years, and longest being 30 years.

Objective: The objective was to compare deep tissue deformation below the ITs and surrounding the femoral head under three conditions: 1) Fully suspended, 2) Properly-inflated Air Cushion, 3) Java Cushion.

Results: There was little tissue deformation on the Java Cushion as compared to sitting on a properly inflated air cushion as was evidenced by measurement of muscle and fat thickness below the ischial tuberosities.

3. Advantages of the Product: As can be seen from the research summaries above, the entire conception and design of the Java Cushion is one based on accurate, scientific testing. The main advantages of investing in this cushion are:

  • It provides greater stability while sitting and reduces postural stress.
  • There is a marked reduction in deep tissue distortion as can be seen from the MRI research.
  • The contours of the wheelchair cushion allow for optimal heat and moisture management that can reduce skin sores.
  • The entire cushion is really lightweight and shows up to a 43% reduction in weight as compared to the normal air cushions.
  • The Java Cushion can be adjusted using the Ride CAM wedges and well inserts for added comfort and better protection of the skin and deep tissues.
  • The cushion can be adjusted according to anyone’s needs by simply adjusting the thigh support accessories. In short, this is one of the most versatile wheelchair cushions designed by Ride Designs and can be used for one and all.


  • There is also a significant reduction in long term skin damage due to the off-loading of high risk areas such as the: Ischial Tuberosities, Greater Trochanters, Coccyx/Sacrum and the Perineum (Groin).

We are very excited to be a Ride Designs provider in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  The Mobility Healthcare Rehab team specializes in providing high end seating and positioning products and have access to many types of wheelchair cushions to trial with clients in the DFW area.   Contact us today if you are a physical therapist, occupational therapists or a consumer and would like to evaluate the cushion. The new Java Wheelchair Cushion might just be that seating solution that you have been looking for that might change your life!

The New Quantum Rehab ILevel Wheelchair Is A Great Option For Dallas Fort Worth Consumers



The Quantum Rehab iLevel Wheelchair is the latest innovation designed to help wheelchair users improve their quality of life and may be an excellent option for many Dallas Fort Worth consumers. The product mainly functions as a seat elevator (available on the all new Quantum Rehab Q6 Edge 2.0 base), allowing users to elevate their position to a standing height. Now, this might seem like such a simple feature to a long-standing product, but the iLevel manages to offer so much more to completely change the life of the wheelchair user forever.

For those who are thinking about a new wheelchair, the following are some of the pros of using the iLevel Wheelchair compared to other wheelchairs:

Elevation Speed

Being at a seating height all the time can be tough. Although you can easily reach objects on the table, some overhead cabinets are just too far away to handle. More often than not, wheelchair users have to ask someone to grab something for them with the chair only really offering mobility without the convenience of reach.

Through iLevel, this is no longer a problem. Access the simple functions via the wheelchair joystick and have the chair elevated to a standing height in a matter of seconds – a vast difference from other wheelchairs that take a long time to elevate.

Walking Speed While Elevated

iLevel manages to offer safety and security at an elevated level even while the chair is in motion. Using advanced technology, the equipment enforces balance and precision while moving at a speed of 3MPH – the typical walking speed of individuals. Climbing using this product is also not a problem since iLevel was created to handle a 1.5-inch threshold.

Excellent Control and Mobility

Slim and not at all bulky, the iLevel wheelchair is made for easy navigation through a crowd. Using this device, you will not be occupying more than the usual space when walking through hallways or other crowded areas. The iLevel can be controlled through a simple set of electronics, giving users complete power over their movement.

Safety and Comfort for the User

Of course, let us not forget the extent of comfort offered by the chair. Create with excellent seating and positioning in mind, users of the Quantum Rehab iLevel power wheelchair will find the seating more than adequate. It offers a comfortable back support that promotes proper posture to prevent backaches and secondary issues.  It can also be fitted with another back support from other manufacturers of seating and positioning products.

Social Convenience

Perhaps the best thing about this wheelchair is that it allows users to achieve a different plane in social convenience. No longer do you have to talk to someone at lower eye level – the wheelchair makes it possible for users to walk, talk, laugh, and have discussions with their friends and family at a more convenient pace. With the added height, people who use this product also have the added protection of visibility when crossing streets, allows easy access to elevator buttons, smoke or fire alarms, door viewers, and so much more.

Mobility Healthcare’s complex rehab team has qualified ATPs on staff to evaluate consumers, along with their physical or occupational therapists for this high end product. Contact us today for a demonstration of the all new Quantum Rehab iLevel wheelchair.  With our headquarters located in Lewisville, we serve the entire Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area.

Get Moving Again With A Power Wheelchair

9526561A power wheelchair is a special type of medical equipment for those who have limited mobility. Up to 2.2 million people in the United States depend on a wheelchair for their day-to-day tasks, creating the maximum amount of independence for those who are challenged with mobility issues. Read on to learn more about power wheelchairs, and how they can benefit you or your loved ones.

Power wheelchairs are a motorized wheelchair that can allow a person to travel long distances without any assistants. Power scooters typically have three, four, or even five wheels, a seat, a flat area to rest the feet, and handlebars. Other designs feature a delta-style steering arrangement in the front of the scooter, which turns one, two, or three steerable wheels. Typically, mid-range mobility scooters have a speed of about five to seven miles per hour, which is faster than the average walking speed.

Power wheelchairs are beneficial to those who are easily worn out due to disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis. Power wheelchairs help those who have difficulty moving get around their home without having to waste too much energy. This means they’ll be more likely to enjoy activities that are important to them, and will need less assistance for their daily tasks. They are also great for smaller, tight spaces, as the power steering can easily be maneuvered around tight corners.

There are many benefits that a power wheelchair can bring to you or your loved one. Power wheelchairs allow for the highest amount of mobility, and helps those who struggle to keep their independence. If you believe a power wheelchair is the right option for you, visit your local medical supply store to find the best power wheelchair for your needs.

Medical Product Rental Lewisville TX

New Portable Oxygen Concentrators Available For Lewisville Area Residents


One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our Lewisville and Dallas Fort Worth customers and phone inquiries is if we have a portable oxygen concentrator solution for consumers who depend on oxygen medical products when leaving their home.  We have always looked to find the best oxygen supplies and products for those in our market and believe we have the best solution available in the industry known as the Sequal Eclipse 5 for both rental and for sale.  This is a great alternative to the standard portable oxygen tank.

Portable oxygen concentrators are light, portable alternatives to standard oxygen tanks. They function in a slight different way than oxygen tanks; while oxygen tanks are filled with a certain amount of oxygen that must be replenished before it runs out, oxygen concentrators use power from a battery to suck in air from the outside world and filter it into acceptable medical oxygen. Because they act as a filtration system, oxygen concentrators never run out of air. Their batteries simply must be recharged after a certain amount of time to continue functioning efficiently. Furthermore, because they are more lightweight than regular oxygen tanks, portable oxygen concentrators are easier to transport and carry around than bulky oxygen tanks.



The latest and greatest on the market in the world of portable oxygen concentrators is the SeQual Eclipse 5. Weighing in at only eighteen pounds with a 24-Cell battery and measuring just eighteen inches tall and eleven inches wide, the Eclipse 5 is an innovation in lightweight portable oxygen concentrator technology. At its minimal size and weight, this concentrator is incredibly easy to transport. Furthermore, the Eclipse 5 is equipped with wheels in a rolling cart style for increased ease of travel. In order to meet the oxygen needs of every patient, SeQual Eclipse 5 includes multiple settings: continuous flow settings, at which oxygen is released to the patient at all times, and duration pulse settings, which involve releases of oxygen in bursts at certain intervals. This portable oxygen concentrator’s battery is incredibly long-lasting; it can function efficiently for up to four hours on the continuous flow settings and over five hours on the duration pulse settings. Additionally, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is FAA Airline Approved and is able to be charged in a car through connection to DC power, thereby eliminating much of the stress and anxiety which can stem from attempting to travel with oxygen.

The SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator can change lives. With it by their side, patients can experience the thrill of freedom that they may not have felt since the start of their dependency on medical oxygen. This concentrator allows users to remain uninhibited in their daily activities and adventures despite their reliance on the aid of a portable oxygen tank. For patients who have been confined to their homes or beds for extended periods of time due to the difficulty of moving and traveling with standard oxygen tanks, renting or buying the Eclipse 5 can completely transform their life. With the SeQual Eclipse 5’s customizable oxygen settings and extensive charging options, patients do not have to worry about running out of oxygen or dying batteries when they’re on the go. They can relax and enjoy their mobility with the knowledge that they will always be supplied with the oxygen they need for as long as they need it. Furthermore, with the substantial mobility and portability of the Eclipse 5, patients can carry it with them easily wherever they need to go, whether that be to the kitchen, to the doctor, or to Peru. The SeQual Eclipse 5 is always there, a beacon of consistency and reliability guaranteed to keep patients safe, healthy, and happy.

Mobility Healthcare is excited to announce that we carry a fleet of the new Sequal Ecipse 5 portable oxygen concentrators for rent or sale for our Lewisville, TX and available to all Dallas Fort Worth area residents.  Contact us today to learn more about the product as well as the rental or purchase options.

Lift Chairs Offer Safety And Comfort For Lewisville Residents


Everyone wants to be able to feel comfortable and relax in their own home. However, some people, such as the elderly, disabled, or injured, have difficulty relaxing in standard chairs or couches due to the severe discomfort getting in or out of the seats or simply sitting in one position for an extended period of time causes them. It’s terrible that many live with the feeling that they will be in severe pain if they simply try to sit down in their living room to watch television in the evenings. Fortunately, lift chair recliners offer a simple solution for any such individual who continuously feels significant discomfort in regular chairs.

Lift chairs are comfortable, plush seats that are designed to enhance relaxation comfort for elderly, disabled, or injured individuals with limited mobility or chronic pain. They do not stand out in homes, as they look virtually the same as any armchair you might purchase at a local furniture store and are available in an incredibly wide variety of colors, styles, and materials just like any other chair. However, these special chairs are equipped with several features that set them apart from a standard armchair or reclining sofa and make them an excellent choice for any individual whose comfort needs cannot be met by regular relaxation seating.

Lift chairs are different from regular armchairs because they are designed specifically to move into multiple positions to make getting in and out of the chair easier as well as to make sitting in the chair more comfortable. The user can change positions while getting in or out of or while sitting in the lift chair by pushing buttons on a simple hand control attached to the side of the chair. The common feature of lift chairs is their ability to shift up from the back into an elevated position that allows an individual to lower themselves into the chair and stand up out of it more easily. This position also makes it easier for elderly, injured, or disabled individuals with a more severe lack of mobility to transfer themselves into or out of the lift chair from a wheelchair.

Different lift chairs include varying other positions. Some include more than others; lift chair recliners can recline all the way back so the user can lay down flat in the chair to rest or even sleep, or they can recline partly so the user can watch television or read in a relaxed position that relieves stress on the neck. Oftentimes, lift chair recliners will also be equipped with a variety of special neck and head pads in order to further enhance the comfort of the user. Furthermore, in order to further enhance the comfort of the user, lift recliners are generally available in a variety of heights and weight capacities so people of varying sizes can purchase the chair that best fits their unique specifications.


Lift chairs offer an incredible solution to many of the comfort and pain problems that plague an abundance of individuals every day, allowing those who normally experience severe pain while moving to achieve the relief and relaxation they deserve.

Mobility Healthcare has a wide selection of lift chair models to choose from at our Lewisville, TX showroom including differing fabrics, colors and much more.  We can even customer order a lift recliner if you don’t see one in stock to match your home decor.  Call us or come by the store to check out our selection.