Mobility electric scooters are usually the ideal solution for anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area who has difficulty walking but still wants to maintain his/her independence, and manage their daily tasks. It’s important you choose a mobility electric scooter which best fits your lifestyle, plans and abilities. Considerations such as, when and where the mobility electric scooter will be utilized, battery life, weight capacity, scooter speed, maneuverability, leg room and ease of transport, can make the difference in just how much you will enjoy your electric scooter. You might consider purchasing more than 1 scooter to cover the indoor mobility, portability and shopping plus all terrain mobility, comfort and long distances.

All electric scooters aren’t the same. For instance, there are two types of scooters that we offer at Mobility Healthcare manufactured by Pride Mobility; 3 wheeled scooters and 4 wheeled scooters, and each has its’ own advantages. Before you purchase your electric scooter, you need to first decide which type will best suit your needs. The 3 wheeled scooter makes turns in tight spaces as compared to the 4 wheeled scooter, however, the 4 wheeled scooter normally tends to be much more stable and sure footed because of its’ wider wheel base.

3 Wheeled Scooters
3 wheeled scooters are basically configured with 2 drive wheels at the back and one wheel at the front used for steering. 3 wheeled scooters provide excellent maneuverability, thanks to the scooter’s lower turning radius which makes them great for indoor use where maneuvering around various obstacles is necessary. While the scooters include anti tip wheels to ensure safety, they aren’t quite as stable as the 4 wheeled scooters. They’re best used on the smooth, level surfaces, and not on the rougher outdoor terrains like gravel or grass. Compared to the 4 wheel models, 3 wheel scooters provide users with more legroom, especially to those who are tall or those who suffer from leg or knee ailments. In addition, 3 wheel scooters are much lighter and cost much less as compared to 4 wheel scooters.

Advantages of 3 wheeled scooters
-A tight turning radius which enables better indoor maneuverability
-Lighter weight than the 4 wheeled scooters
-Lower cost than the 4 wheeled scooters
-Greater legroom

4 Wheeled scooters
4 wheeled scooters provide improved stability as compared to the 3 wheeled scooters, which makes them a much better option for those who plan on regularly driving on the uneven outdoor terrains. 4 wheeled scooters are basically configured like automobiles, with 2 drive wheels on the rear and 2 wheels on the front for steering. Compared to 3 wheeled scooters, 4 wheel models offer excellent stability on all kinds of terrains; outdoor and indoor, by resisting tipping over, even at the top speed, and also safely handling curbs and hills, 4 wheeled scooters stability is great for those who have poor balance.

Because the 4 wheel configuration increases the scooter’s turning radius, the scooter gives up some maneuverability, which makes them much less desirable for indoor use. However, the smaller 4 wheeled scooters still do provide a turning radius which allows users to easily perform most of their indoor functions. 4 wheeled scooters are also a little heavier and they cost a bit more than the 3 wheel units.

If you are looking for a mobility scooter, Pride mobility has a number of incredible electric scooters that we carry in our Lewisville, TX showroom, some of which include;

Victory 10 Mobility Scooter


The sleek, sporty Victory 10 mobility scooter basically delivers a high performance operation, with great new features and a feather touch dis-assembly. With a complete complement of various advanced standard features such as exclusive low profile tires, a back lit battery gauge and also a wraparound delta tiller, Victory 10 scooter now offers users greater value for their money than ever before.

Go-Go Elite Traveler Scooter


The Go Go Elite Traveler scooter offers great ease of transport, a tight space maneuverability and it also gives users versatility to change its’ color in a snap, thanks to its’ interchangeable shroud panels. Go Go Elite Traveler’s compact size lets the scooter easily negotiate tight spaces and narrow hallways while also offering a stable outdoor performance.

Other features include;
-Auto latching lock up mechanism which permits a frame separation with just one hand
-Auto connecting rear to front cable
-Includes 2 sets of changeable coloured panels in 2 exciting colours; red and blue
-Front frame mounted seat post which offers maximum stability
-New frame design which easily disassembles into five super lightweight parts/pieces for easy storage and convenient transport.
-Modular design for easy serviceability


Easily folded and ready for transport, the 4 wheel Go Go folding scooter is excellent for those with an overly active lifestyle. It offers great performance indoors, and has a top speed of up to 4 mph. This magnificent scooter has a range/charge of 12.5 miles. It’s super portable and it’s a great space saver which adjusts to perfectly fit inside any vehicle trunk, closet or corner. The Go Go Folding Scooter is stylish, sleek, and extremely easy and simple to operate, which makes it the ideal travel mobility electric scooter of choice.

Other features include;
-A unique folding design
-Folds in just 3 easy steps
-Exclusive tiller design
-Adjustable tiller
-Easy and convenient to transport
-Can be stowed laid down or upright
-Articulated front end which adds greater stability
-Rear and front LED lights

It is very important to be educated or work with a provider of scooters who understand the features of each scooter and the benefits it may have for your unique situation.  Mobility Healthcare in Lewisville carries a wide selection of scooters by Pride Mobility that covers most unique situations of most residents in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Our staff is very qualified to work with you or your loved one to select the appropriate mobility scooter for your enviroment while taking into consideration the activities that you like to participate in your community.  Contact us today or visit our Lewisville location to find out more about our scooter offering.  We serve clients in the Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton, Carrollton,Argyle, Highland Village, Corinth, Hickory Creek, Copper Canyon, Lantana, Double Oak, Bartonville and the majority of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.