Dallas Fort Worth residents will love the Flex-A-Bed adjustable bed

flex a bed dallas fort worth

The Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low is a revolutionary bed specially made for people in an assisted living environment, or for people in home health care in Dallas Fort Worth. It is safe to assume that there is no adjustable bed out there that is more convenient to use than the Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low. It’s a bed with great adjustability, from the hi-low height, foot to the head.

What Makes Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low Unique

The thing that sets Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low apart from its competitors is the use of a 4-inch high-density foundation. Also, it comes with a heavy-duty base made from a special material known as Advantech. This material is highly resistant to squeaking, breaking or warping. The bed is crafted by expert craftsmen within the U.S. soil. The bed comes with a 5-year warranty.

Why Users Like It

It doesn’t matter if the user lives a healthy and active lifestyle or suffering from pain or injury, the Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low is a great help for getting a fully satisfying night’s sleep. The bed is able to adjust to allow the perfect sleeping position for the user. User’s will wake up relaxed and refreshed.

Because of the bed’s ability to adjust as many times as the user want, the bed helps in terms of breathing and comfort for people that are suffering from arthritis, sciatica, asthma, emphysema, COPD, obesity and chronic pain.

A Fully Electric Motorized Bed

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low is fully electric motorized bed. The electric motors adjust the hi-low, foot and head. The bed has a total of 3 motors.

One motor is responsible for lowering and raising the bed’s height. The other two motors adjust the foot and the head. Users are able to adjust the motors at the same time or separately. This means that the users have full control and are able to adjust the bed in a myriad of positions.

All of these adjustable movements are controlled from a hand controller. At a touch the button, the user is able to change position as many times as he or she likes. The hand controller is lightweight and the switches are large and simple to understand. This makes it easier for patients to control the bed and its settings. Users have the option of opting for wireless or wired hand controls.

Lastly, user loves the fact they have a wide choice of mattress like standard innerspring, memory foam, latex core and gel and memory foam combo.

The Bottom Line

Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low is the ultimate for bed for anyone that is in a home healthcare or assisted living environment. Almost everything within the bed is adjustable like the head, foot and the height. It comes with 3 motors so users can adjust everything at once or simultaneously. Users can control the bed’s function via hand controller, which comes with large switches that are easy to use and understand. The Flex-A-Bed Hi-Low bed comes with a wide choice of mattresses. All in all, this adjustable bed may be the best alternative to a hospital bed for Dallas Fort Worth area residents.

The team at Mobility Healthcare in Lewisville, TX has been providing hospital beds and adjustable beds to DFW area residents for many years.  Our professionals can help you to determine which solution may be right for your unique home situation.  If you live in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Grapevine, Farmers Branch or other areas in north Dallas, please feel free to stop by or contact us to learn more about the Flex-A-Bed and other hospital bed solutions.

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