Geri Chairs Solutions for Dallas Fort Worth Residents

geri chair rental dallas fort worth

Over the last few months, Mobility Healthcare has received several calls from interested Dallas Fort Worth area residents looking for a geri chair to purchase or rent.  Based on the demands of local residents, we have decided to stock geri chairs so that DFW residents will have a great clinical and economical solution locally.

The average geri chair is padded and comes with wheeled bases suitable for seniors and people with problems involving mobility. This chair can be used in a clinic as well for a variety of purposes. It can also be used at the home for users who enjoy medical care from their residences. However, the use of this unit is not restrictive-it has found application in a wide range of situations and is largely efficient in handling scenarios where the problem of mobility is involved.

Mobility Healthcare carries the Invacare Traditional Three-Position Recliner. The unit has garnered a lot of positive feedback from a large number of users across the country.

About the Invacare Traditional Three-Postion Geri Chair Recliner

The Invacare Traditional Three-Position Recliner is known for its advanced footrest. These parts have been folded completely such that the user can stand atop them. The center of gravity here is as low as possible, providing the user with unparalleled stability even when using the footrest for full-body support. The chair also comes across as easy to maneuver around intricate spaces and positions that have acute angles. To enhance the security of the users, its casters will lock when the situation requires such an action.

Geri Chair Features

Resistant upholstery

The materials used in this chair are resistant against the rigors of fire. This essentially means that the user stays secure at all times. The upholstery here has also been designed to resist the effect of fluids, making it ideal for use in situations where liquids from food and chemicals are involved. The nature of these materials allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Great design

The footrest of the Invacare Three-Position Recliner is designed for functionality and convenience. The user can place their feet on these units with minimum exertion. At the same time, they can take advantage of the stability of this part and acquire full-body support when they wish to shift positions or stand.

Flexible headrest

The user can make adjustments and adopt resting positions that suit them. They can also vary the angles of the articulating headrest in order to see those around them.


The design of this chair allows for the inclusion of tabs on an overlap tray, a feature that allows for ease of use in different situations.

Advantages of Geri chairs

These types of chairs provide a mobile approach to treatment and home care, especially when the user is limited by either sickness or physical disability. The reclining positions available allow for comfort and flexibility. The movements of the unit permit the circulation of blood and the exercising of body parts.

To buy or to rent?

This is one of the most common questions we face from our customers. Realistically, the choice rests on the user’s needs and preferences. However, renting a Geri chair is generally cheaper than buying and is recommended especially for short-term applications.

At Mobility Healthcare, we provide Dallas Fort Worth users with a geri chair option that takes into consideration the condition of the user, the circumstances involved and user and caregiver preferences.  Our professionally trained staff is well versed in the application of the product and can help you determine if a geri chair is the right solution for you or your loved one.  Contact us today to learn more about our geri chair options.  Our staff can help you decide if a geri chair or lift chair recliner may be the best solution for you.

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