Here are a couple of Lift Chairs that we think DFW residents will love

lift chair lewisville txThere comes a time when getting up from a chair, or a sofa is no longer smooth as it used to be for you. Obtaining a power lift chair is a noble idea, not because it is the only thing to do, but since it provides far too many benefits that cannot compare to the cost. Today, there are various options to choose from, whether buying online or direct from the store. Variations in these chairs range from position numbers to lift speed among other features.

Pride Mobility Heritage Collection SR-358M Lift Chair

lc358 Lift Chair Dallas Fort WorthThe SR-358M by Prime Mobility is the premier choice that has adopted the First Up technology of increased lift speed. It is a 3-Position padded reclining chair that combines both cooling comfort and support whenever it is required. It has been designed using Premium DACRON layer to soften the seating surface. Underneath the top layer are coil springs to provide balance when seating, and also to allow you to remain seated for long periods. This is a breath of fresh air for people who have been using lift chairs with the traditional foams.

To ensure added stability and comfort for the user, the SR-358M has been boosted with a flexuous spring base. The no-sag spring back is designed with a flexible feature to allow it to conform to the shape and size of the user’s back for more personalized comfort.

Pride Mobility Essential Collection LC-105 Lift Chair

LC105 Lift Chair Dallas Fort WorthAnother 3-Position full reclining chair engineered to perfection using laminated furniture as the frame for stability and firmness. Its lift system is smooth and reclines quietly to required position. It is large enough to support a weight of up to 325lbs and comes with a backup battery to operate the chair in the event of power failure. As a preemptive safety measure, the LC-105 by Pride Mobility is a fire retardant, meaning the user can be afforded a little more time in case of an emergency. It also features a removable back

Advantages of 3-Position Lift Recliners

These lift chairs are powered by a single motor, whereby the user needs the backrest to recline so as to have the footrest slide out. While 2-Position recliners can only stretch to 45 degrees, 3-Positioners allow a full recline. That translates to more freedom for the user, as well as more resting positions. With these types of chairs, you can remain seated comfortably for a long time, only reclining occasionally to the extent that leaves you more relaxed.

The size of the chair matters a big deal also. Larger chairs are characterized by deeper cushions believed to give the user an edge in comfort and a relaxed seating experience. However, when the chair is too big, it will be hard for the feet to reach the ground. Similarly, a small chair will compromise the response to your lower back.

Mobility Healthcare has been providing residents in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Grapevine, Farmers Branch or other areas in north Dallas for many years.  Our team of professionals can help you to determine which lift recliner option will meet you or your loved one’s unique needs in your home environment.  We have options for both rental or purchase.  Contact or visit us today to learn more about our lift chair solutions.

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