Are you in Dallas Fort Worth and looking for a transport wheelchair?

Transport Wheelchairs Dallas Fort Worth

We often get calls and emails from residents in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Grapevine, Farmers Branch and other areas in the DFW area that are looking for a quick, reliable and transportable wheelchair option for permanent and temporary use.  Many times a transport wheelchair meets these needs.

What Are Transport Wheelchairs?

Transport wheelchairs solve the limited mobility issues without the need to use traditional wheelchairs that are too heavy, hard to collapse, and difficult to transport. Also, unlike traditional wheelchairs with 2 small wheels in the front and 2 big wheels at the back, transport wheelchairs have 4 small wheels instead two of which are located in the front while the other 2 are located at the back.

These wheelchairs are usually smaller than the regular wheelchairs, but they can still carry the same amount of weight. Though, they’re designed to be folded easily and compactly. Considering the fact that a transport wheelchair doesn’t have large rear wheels, they’re very lightweight, and they’re easier to store, since the size is also reduced.

When Are Transport Wheelchairs Used

Due to the fact that transport wheelchairs are lightweight, they function not only as a wheelchair, but a rollator as well. They are meant to be pushed by the caregiver or family member since the small wheels make it difficult and impossible for the user to move himself. That said, these transport wheelchairs are ideal for those who can still walk by themselves. They’re also perfect for those who find it hard to keep up with family members and friends during their day out. For those who would always have someone around to push the wheelchair, then it’s advisable to consider buying a transport wheelchair.

They’re intended to be used for short amounts of time, making them perfect for daytrips. Since it’s designed with portability in mind, the seats are usually made of flexible fabric that has limited support. It can be folded easily and placed in a car compartment with ease.

Transport Wheelchair Features


For mobility assistance in getting around the neighborhood, visiting the doctor’s office, a travel wheelchair would be recommended. These wheelchairs are very lightweight and easy to transport. Likewise, there’s plenty of models out there that can be folded down for storage whenever it’s not in use.

Wheel Size

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, transport wheelchairs have smaller wheels. These wheels contribute to its very small size when folded, but it can’t be used on rough terrain.


Although it’s very light and small in size, rest assured that it’s still durable enough to carry a person’s weight.

Why Use a Transport Wheelchair

For those who are suffering from permanent immobility and doesn’t have the strength to operate the standard wheelchair on their own, then a transport wheelchair will be more practical for everyday needs. They’re lighter and would not be a burden for the person who would be required to push it for several hours.

Mobility Healthcare provides a large selection of transport wheelchairs for residents in Dallas Fort Worth.  We also have transport wheelchairs available for rental.  Our professional staff if Lewisville is well trained in assisting you or your loved one in determining what type of wheelchair is most appropriate for your unique needs.  Contact us today for more information.

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