Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Bed Dallas Fort Worth

Adjustable Beds, An Alternative To Hospital Beds For Dallas Fort Worth Area Residents


We have been providing hospital beds to those in need of home care solutions for Dallas Fort Worth area consumers for many years.  Many times over the years we have been asked if there is an adjustable bed option that provides similar features to a traditional home care hospital bed while providing superior comfort as a traditional bedroom mattresses while also providing adjustablity.  After years of looking at several different types of adjustable beds, we have determined that the Flex-A-Bed provides the specs that closely resemble those of traditional home care beds.  The adjustability and comfort can also help relieve many other symptoms of arthritis, asthma, varicose veins,  acid reflux and many other ailments.

Flex-A-Bed is a versatile, luxury adjustable bed designed with customizable comfort in mind. These unique beds have been hand-crafted in Lafayette, Georgia, since the company was founded in 1969. Because of their comfort, customization, and adjustment capabilities, Flex-A-Beds can be used for many patients as a more comfortable, convenient substitute for a standard home hospital bed. Flex-A-Beds allow home patients to focus less on their medical problems by eliminating the sterile, cold standard hospital bed from their bedroom and providing a luxurious replacement that makes them feel like royalty.

The Flex-A-Bed is available in multiple models, but the Hi-Low model is the leading Flex-A-Bed model is a great adjustable bed that is a very nice alternative to the standard hospital bed.  This model allows users to adjust their bed using a wireless or wired remote that responds with only one touch of a button. The Hi-Lo bed’s head and base can both be adjusted and the mattress itself can be raised and lowered in order to make getting in and out of bed easier and more comfortable. Flex-A-Bed’s Hi-Lo model also includes massage capabilities that provides patients with relaxing relief from any pain they are experiencing.

One of the best things about Flex-A-Bed is its versatility. The manufacturer of this product understand that all of their consumers have different needs and preferences, especially if they are patients who have certain health requirements and are using this adjustable bed in place of a home hospital bed. Every Flex-A-Bed is built to the unique specifications of each different customer by experienced Georgia craftsmen located right here in the United States.

Flex-A-Bed mattresses are available in fourteen different sizes and six varying construction choices so consumers can choose the mattress that is most comfortable and beneficial for their body. Each Flex-A-Bed mattress construction option carries different advantages: the innerspring mattress is designed for customers who value durability, support, and comfort. The innerspring mattress itself is available in three different options: soft, medium, and firm. The standard memory foam mattress provides maximum support and comfort; it cushions all areas of the sleeper’s body by molding into every curve. Flex-A-Bed also offers an innerspring and memory foam combination mattress for consumers who value maximum support and cushioning comfort. The Flex-A-Bed gel memory foam mattress draws heat away from the sleeper’s body in order to provide a more comfortable, cooler rest in hot climates. The low profile mattress is thin but maintains a high level of comfort because of its polyurethane foam core; this mattress is an excellent choice for patients who struggle with mobility and have trouble climbing onto a standard mattress. Finally, Flex-A-Bed offers a latex mattress that provides durable support and an incredibly soft feel.

Along with the mattress, many other aspects of the Flex-A-Bed are customizable depending on the consumer’s needs and preferences. There are several custom accessories that can be purchased with the Flex-A-Bed to better meet the medical requirements of home hospital patients. Foldable side rails and side rail covers can be purchased separately and easily attached to the Flex-A-Bed. Swingaway brackets are also available to make cleaning and changing sheets a faster and easier process.

These adjustable beds are the more comfortable, luxurious alternatives to home hospital beds and can significantly improve many patients’ quality of life. All Flex-A-Beds include a five-year limited warranty in order to ensure that all consumers are one hundred percent satisfied with their purchase.

Mobility Healthcare has been providing hospital beds and home care solutions in the Dallas Fort Worth area for many years.   If you are looking for an adjustable bed in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, you should stop by our Lewisville, TX showroom to check our floor model.  Please feel free to contact us for more details.