Mobility Comes in all Sizes, Shapes and Forms

Getting around is a difficult task when you have a disability or injury that hinders your mobility. It may be easier to move around the house but out there things are totally different. With mobility aids one can get the support they need and be able to carry out their duties and activity of daily living with minimal assistance from others.

There are a number of mobility aids to choose from and it helps to know what works best for Dallas Fort Worth area residents. The way to pick the best mobility assistance equipment is to be informed about what is available. Talking to those who already have them will go a long way in helping you choose what is right for you. Other peoples’ experiences will help you understand how every piece of equipment works. Knowing what you want from the mobility equipment you are about to get is also another way to help you figure out what to pick. A lot of users have realized over time that they need more than a single device and have added the appropriate devices according to urgency.
Options to choose from
Mobility assistance equipment has a lot of different choices which include wheelchairs, assistive devices for ambulation, power assist devices, power wheelchairs and scooters. Here are 4 brief overviews of different types of mobility product categories to consider:

1. Manual wheelchairs
These are designed to either be pushed by the user or a companion. Their typical use involves little mobility that does not involve long distances. Transport chairs are particularly convenient since you can fold them and put them in the back of the car to take with you wherever you go.
2. Power assist systems
These are a version of the manual wheelchair with a little bit more function. They are battery powered to increase the number of revolutions per push. The reason for there being such a chair is to reduce the effort of pushing while increasing the distance that the chair moves with a single push.
3. Scooters
Mobility scooters are the ideal kind of mobility equipment for simple tasks like going to the mall for some shopping. They have better aesthetics and do not look the slightest bit like wheelchairs. Their range of mobility is also better and the exertion required for them is minimal.
4. Ambulation aids
These assist a lot when you are moving around the house or such small distances. This kind of mobility devices include crutches, walkers and canes/walking sticks.
There are two types of crutch designs, under the arm or cuffed to the forearm. Walkers have a lot of designs and it depends on what you find workable for you. There are the rollator walkers with four wheels, pick up walkers that have no wheels at all and sliders which have small skis or tennis balls on the rear legs.
As for canes, it is important that you get the right size even if it means having it custom made. For a comfortable height, your wrist should bend at about 30 degrees when you hold the cane.

We encourage you to visit the products section of our website to see an overview of the extensive mobility product categories that we provide. We specialize in mobility and our professional staff can work with you to determine what mobility product may be the absolute ideal product for your needs and goals in life. Mobility Healthcare has been providing these products above and great alternatives for residents in Dallas Fort Worth for many years.

medical equipment store

What Can a Medical Supply Store Offer You?

As a caretaker or medical practitioner, you have the responsibility of looking out and caring for the health and well being of others’ loved ones. You need to ensure that you have done everything possible to make sure they can function on their own, whether that means getting around or personal hygiene.

To keep patients in this perfect place of health, you typically need a lot of medical supplies. Luckily, that’s where medical supply stores come in. So what can medical supply stores offer you?

Medical supply stores offer equipment and supplies that helps patients maintain their independence and mobility. Did you know that 2.2 million U.S. citizens rely on the help of wheelchairs to get around on a day-to-day basis, and 6.5 million use a cane, walker, or crutches? Many of these patients also need mobility aids, all of which and more are available at medical supply stores. When it comes to elderly care, gaining a sense of mobility often means gaining a sense of independence, which is often essential to keep the human spirit burning bright.

Medical Supplies
When searching for specific medical supplies, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need anywhere else besides a medical equipment store. In addition to having a full and diverse stock of medical items, these stores have professionals with years of knowledge and expertise to help assist you in your purchasing decisions. Additionally, they can help you find better products available when new supplies and technologies come out, as they often do.

Improved Care
If you run a business that care for elderly individuals or sick individuals, then it is your business to have consistent and high-quality medical supplies on hand at all times. When you use medical equipment stores, you know your shopping will be one-stop, as everything you could possibly need will be in one place. This allows you to focus on what’s really important: providing the best possible care for your patients.

Talk to a professional representative today if you have any questions!

Transport Wheelchairs Dallas Fort Worth

Are you in Dallas Fort Worth and looking for a transport wheelchair?

Transport Wheelchairs Dallas Fort Worth

We often get calls and emails from residents in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Grapevine, Farmers Branch and other areas in the DFW area that are looking for a quick, reliable and transportable wheelchair option for permanent and temporary use.  Many times a transport wheelchair meets these needs.

What Are Transport Wheelchairs?

Transport wheelchairs solve the limited mobility issues without the need to use traditional wheelchairs that are too heavy, hard to collapse, and difficult to transport. Also, unlike traditional wheelchairs with 2 small wheels in the front and 2 big wheels at the back, transport wheelchairs have 4 small wheels instead two of which are located in the front while the other 2 are located at the back.

These wheelchairs are usually smaller than the regular wheelchairs, but they can still carry the same amount of weight. Though, they’re designed to be folded easily and compactly. Considering the fact that a transport wheelchair doesn’t have large rear wheels, they’re very lightweight, and they’re easier to store, since the size is also reduced.

When Are Transport Wheelchairs Used

Due to the fact that transport wheelchairs are lightweight, they function not only as a wheelchair, but a rollator as well. They are meant to be pushed by the caregiver or family member since the small wheels make it difficult and impossible for the user to move himself. That said, these transport wheelchairs are ideal for those who can still walk by themselves. They’re also perfect for those who find it hard to keep up with family members and friends during their day out. For those who would always have someone around to push the wheelchair, then it’s advisable to consider buying a transport wheelchair.

They’re intended to be used for short amounts of time, making them perfect for daytrips. Since it’s designed with portability in mind, the seats are usually made of flexible fabric that has limited support. It can be folded easily and placed in a car compartment with ease.

Transport Wheelchair Features


For mobility assistance in getting around the neighborhood, visiting the doctor’s office, a travel wheelchair would be recommended. These wheelchairs are very lightweight and easy to transport. Likewise, there’s plenty of models out there that can be folded down for storage whenever it’s not in use.

Wheel Size

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, transport wheelchairs have smaller wheels. These wheels contribute to its very small size when folded, but it can’t be used on rough terrain.


Although it’s very light and small in size, rest assured that it’s still durable enough to carry a person’s weight.

Why Use a Transport Wheelchair

For those who are suffering from permanent immobility and doesn’t have the strength to operate the standard wheelchair on their own, then a transport wheelchair will be more practical for everyday needs. They’re lighter and would not be a burden for the person who would be required to push it for several hours.

Mobility Healthcare provides a large selection of transport wheelchairs for residents in Dallas Fort Worth.  We also have transport wheelchairs available for rental.  Our professional staff if Lewisville is well trained in assisting you or your loved one in determining what type of wheelchair is most appropriate for your unique needs.  Contact us today for more information.