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Mobility Healthcare has been providing medical products and services to the community since 2000 and is uniquely able to provide true one stop shopping for all home medical equipment and supply needs at home. Mobility Healthcare also offers a full line of wheelchairs and seating and mobility products from a basic entry level scooter to get around the neighborhood, to a more comprehensive power wheelchair. We also offer nebulizers, diabetic test strips, portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP units and more. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can special order anything you need to ensure a more comfortable and safe stay in you or your loved ones home.



We are the medical supply store Dallas and Fort Worth consumers rely on for home medical and mobility products. From the most simple ADL device such as a reacher to the most complex product such as a high end multi function power wheelchair, Mobility Healthcare can provide the product to assist our customers in becoming independent in their every day life. We also provide rental options for short term use for many of our products.



Providing a product is only part of our offering. As you know their are many aspects that go into providing products during the evaluation process all the way to servicing the products. Our team of experts provide many services that ensure that your home medical product needs are being met and that your product meets these needs way after the product as been delivered.

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Mobility Healthcare Options

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There are many great options for mobility devices if you’re in the market to choose some you’ll want to ensure that you’re making the right decision. There are many great features to take into consideration before you buy.

Stairlifts Muenster

Stairlifts are very important if you’re wheelchair bound and have to get up and down the stairs. Chair lifts give you the ability to comfortably get up and down the stairs without any injuries in Texas.

Whether you require one that the wheelchair fits into or one that you simply sit in and press the button, you have options so that you can get up and down the stairs safely with a chairlift.

As we age, it’s important that were be safe and comfortable. Being able to stay in our own home is an important thing to many of us and focusing on the proper healthcare equipment so that we can do this is imperative to our well-being.

You shouldn’t have to be in pain or uncomfortable because you need to get around. Thankfully, there are some great options on the market today to help with mobility via a stair lift.

Wheelchair Ramps Muenster

Whether they’re handicap ramps, scooter ramps, wheelchair ramps or called a mobility ramp, they work to help people be able to get to and from a building, home or another facility.

Porch Lifts Muenster

With a wide variety of wheelchair ramps available you’re sure to find the type that you want. From standard ramps that are always attached to folding ramps of varying widths, you’re sure to appreciate all of the detail that the ramps have to offer.

Home Elevators Muenster

Threshold ramps offer the added benefit of covering the threshold so that wheelchairs can easily navigate over the threshold of buildings or homes. There are also transportable ramps that allow you to take them with you so that wherever you’re headed you can use a ramp.

Platform Lifts Muenster

Platform Lifts are one of many options that help make it more convenient to use. There are home elevators, platforms, pooch lifts and other forms of lifts that all originate from a platform as well.

Vehicle Lifts Muenster

Getting in and out of vehicles has long been a challenge for anyone with mobility issues. Thankfully, there are a variety of options for vehicle lifts including wheelchair lifts for cars, vans, and trucks as well as scooter lifts or simply personal lifts.

Handicap Lifts Muenster

Many injuries occur simply because the lifts aren’t being used. Alleviate this issue by simply having a lift installed so that you can safely enter and exit your vehicle.

Concerned about arriving at your destination but not being able to get out due to lack of lifts? You can choose a portable lift that you take with you and create your own lift wherever you’re going.

Nearly any type of vehicle can pull these lifts if they have a hitch. They’re easy and reliable and a great bonus for anyone who is disabled or elderly and in need of mobility assistance.

Vehicle Lifts Muenster

You’ll appreciate the variety of options that are carried in this store. These platform portable lifts are reliable and work very well for many. They install easily to an exterior hitch and work on both wheelchairs and scooters to help lift the wheelchair or scooter easily and safely to and from the vehicle or facility.

Lifts for Cars, Vans, Trucks
With an integrated bracket, the license plate is easily visible and it is very easy to connect and disconnect without causing any damages to the vehicle. As an added safety feature, it requires a power switch key to work the controls. A toggle switch operates the up and down motion of the unit.

Puddle lights ensure that it’s safe to operate at night or in dark areas. It’s easy to drive and convenient. Ideal for any vehicle that has a hitch. Ideal for SUVs, cars, trucks, and vans.

As an added bonus, there are some accessories available that will help with this unit. Two kinds of battery packs remove the requirement to run wires in the installation process and they also help make it easier to move the unit from one vehicle to another.

You can even charge your mobility device while you’re driving with the multi-purpose battery pack. Hitch extensions, as well as risers, ensure that you can design yours for a complete customization to fit your unique vehicle.

All of the units have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they’re both durable and safe. You’ll have peace of mind when you select one of these and a great three year, a transferrable warranty that covers you even further.

Patient Lifts Muenster

All of these lifts aren’t going to be enough if there aren’t any patient lifts. If you’re in need of a patient lift, you’ll want to select from several different types.

There are those that require you to sit while being lifted, those that require you to stand while being lifted and other types.

Lift chairs help you go from sitting to standing and are an ideal solution for those who are elderly, disable or who have suffered an injury. They also work well for anyone who is suffering from a chronic pain condition.

Sit To Stand Lifts Muenster for home

These chairs look just like the other chairs in your home so there is no concern that the home will begin to look like a hospital or medical facility. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials so you can readily blend them into the rest of your furnishings.

While the specialty features allow you to blend them into your home they offer added benefits of helping you to stand or sit more easily. They’re easy to learn how to use and simply plug into any regular outlet allowing you to press a button to stand or sit. The cushioned part of the chair will rise or seat you so you don’t have to do any extra work or cause any pain in the motion of being seated or standing.

A simple hand control is all you need to control these special features and stand or sit. It allows you the freedom to retain your own mobility without having to require assistance to sit or stand. You can even use it to help get into and out of your wheelchair if required.

Some of these lift chairs have added features such as varying positions that offer you more than the regular lift chairs. Some of them will recline all the way back to a flat position for sleeping.

The other will recline partially so that you can easily watch television or relax if desired. This can reduce stress points in your seating or relax and help to reduce neck and back pain.

Many of these lift chairs also incorporate heat settings and vibrations to offer massage benefits to you when you’re using them. Finally, the chairs come in varying heights (ideal for shorter or taller persons to customize their seating) and they offer chairs that hold more weight than others for those who may be a bit larger than the average person.

Patient chair lifts are the perfect solution for those who are struggling with pain and comfort issues or struggling to sit and stand due to aging, disability or pain conditions.

Anyone who is struggling with arthritis will appreciate how convenient and easy to use these lift chairs are. They give added safety to any home or office and can offer you more confidence as they will reduce the incidence of falls and another injury due to standing or sitting.

From lifts that are hanging overhead to chair lifts to portable lifts, there is a lift for any need at home or business. No one should have to be concerned about injury when standing or sitting. Portable lifts are an ideal solution if you’re traveling or going to a business that doesn’t have any lifts.

If you or someone you love is in need of some mobility assistance, you’re sure to appreciate the difference the right lift will make. We’ll work with you to ensure that the lifts that you select are the right size and shape for your specific needs.

You’ll be measured and the lift you purchase will be the right height and size to ensure that you’re able to safely get to and from where you’re going.

Call the professionals today and let them show you how to choose the right lift for your needs. From wheelchairs, stairlifts, ramps and personal lifts, you’re sure to appreciate all of the care and thought that go into ensuring that you’re happy and safe and secure.

You’ll have a wide array of choices in lifts and be able to customize the lifts to ensure a perfect fit for your specific needs. It’s quick and easy and you’ll be able to get around safer and more easily when you choose the right lifts for your home, vehicle and other adventures.

When it comes to mobility healthcare in Muenster TX options you’ll find that new innovative mobility devices are constantly being developed. Don’t be afraid to ask for something specific, if they haven’t made it, it may be in the works.

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