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Mobility Healthcare has been providing medical products and services to the community since 2000 and is uniquely able to provide true one stop shopping for all home medical equipment and supply needs at home. Mobility Healthcare also offers a full line of wheelchairs and seating and mobility products from a basic entry level scooter to get around the neighborhood, to a more comprehensive power wheelchair. We also offer nebulizers, diabetic test strips, portable oxygen concentrators, CPAP units and more. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can special order anything you need to ensure a more comfortable and safe stay in you or your loved ones home.



We are the medical supply store Dallas and Fort Worth consumers rely on for home medical and mobility products. From the most simple ADL device such as a reacher to the most complex product such as a high end multi function power wheelchair, Mobility Healthcare can provide the product to assist our customers in becoming independent in their every day life. We also provide rental options for short term use for many of our products.



Providing a product is only part of our offering. As you know their are many aspects that go into providing products during the evaluation process all the way to servicing the products. Our team of experts provide many services that ensure that your home medical product needs are being met and that your product meets these needs way after the product as been delivered.

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We proudly serve clients in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area including Lewisville, Flower Mound, Denton, Carrollton, Argyle, Highland Village, Corinth, Hickory Creek, Copper Canyon, Lantana, Grapevine, Double Oak, and Bartonville, TX

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Wheelchairs Prosper

Bo Brown started Mobility Healthcare to provide affordable medical products and services to the community in Prosper and Dallas TX area in the year 2000. He has been living in this area for more than 20 years and has been active in the healthcare field for more than 10 years. He’s a successful business person and has owned and operated Mobility Healthcare since its inception. His success in the business is a result of his belief to help customers in their home and help in making their home a friendlier environment for disabled and elderly patients.

Power Wheelchairs Prosper

Mobility Healthcare provides necessary home medical equipment and supplies including portable oxygen concentrators, diabetic test strips, nebulizers, PAP units and much more. In addition to the home medical equipment, the company also carries wheelchairs as well as various other mobility products from basic entry-level scooter to high-end power wheelchairs. They also offer oxygen services to patients. They offer home fill systems instead of tank delivery to allow patients to fill their own tanks instead of waiting on delivery drivers. They also offer portable oxygen concentrators for travelling patients. Buy a Texas power wheelchair in Prosper.

Transport Wheelchairs Prosper

The company has a qualified staff of nine caring employees who have decades of combined years of experience in care giving, healthcare and meeting the needs of patients requiring home medical equipment and services. Each of the associates in the company receives a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education to provide the latest treatment options to the patients. Need a Transport Wheelchairs in Prosper TX.

Geri Chairs Prosper

They offer friendly and timely delivery of oxygen supplies and home medical equipment to all their customers living in the Prosper areas. They also deliver products to the patients who are unable to get out due to lack of transportation. Most of the products are delivered within 24 hours of placing the order. Buy a Geri Chair in Prosper.

They offer a wide variety of products in various categories such as bath safety, hospital beds, lift chairs, portable oxygen concentrator, scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, complex rehab products, Geri chairs and various other medical products.

Hospital Beds Prosper

Their bath safety products include commodes, bath and shower benches, transfer bench, shower chairs and sliding transfer system among others. Their goal is to provide products that make bathroom environment safer for the patients and caregivers. They also work with many different insurance companies and offer a wide variety of retail solutions that can help save patients from costly home modification. They have a number of specially trained professionals who can help patients in choosing the right solution for their home environment.

Adjustable Beds Prosper

Commodes are home medical devices that provide aid to disabled or elderly patients who find it difficult to use the restroom on a standard toilet. These medical devices help patients in preserving their independence and dignity by making it easier for them to use restroom without any help. These are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Some of the models also include padded seat for extra comfort as well as arms that make it easy to use for the patients. Buy your patients Adjustable Beds near Prosper, Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.

Rollators Prosper

Some of the models are extremely simple and come only with a raised toilet seat that attaches to the standard toilet seat and allows patients with limited mobility to use the toilet from an elevated height. Some of the models are more complicated. These models are excellent for bedside use by patients who cannot move far enough to get to the restroom. The bedside commodes also include various features to increase ease of travel and compactness. Rollators can be bought at our local location in Prosper.

Walkers Prosper

The shower benches are designed to increase the safety and comfort of elderly individuals who are unable to bathe by themselves. This bench attaches to the bottom of the shower or tub with rubber feet thereby eliminating all possibilities of slipping. These are constructed from sturdy materials and last for a long time. Some of the models also come with attached arms and backs for increased comfort by using Walkers in Prosper.

The transfer bench is a type of shower bench that has been designed for providing extra safety and comfort. These benches also allow patients to get in and out of the bath tub comfortably. These are longer than the standard shower benches and allow patients to easily and safely transport themselves in and out of the bath tub.

Lift Chair Prosper

wheelchair ProsperThe shower chairs work similar to bath benches as these are designed to allow individuals to shower themselves with safety and comfort. These are designed for use in the shower and are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Some of the models come with arms and backs whereas others are more compact for easy transportation. These also come equipped with wheels for easy transportation in and out of the shower without risk of falling or slipping. The major difference between a bath bench and the shower chair is the height of the seat. Lift Chair manufacturer in Prosper.

Lift Recliner Prosper

In some cases, a shower bench or a bath bench is not the right solution for a particular individual. In such cases, a sliding transfer system is the best option to allow patients to access their bath tub, toilet or shower without any major renovations in bathroom. There are many different styles and designs of sliding transfer system available with a variety of features. Find a Lift Recliner in Prosper Texas.

Medical Supply Store Prosper

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental

One of the biggest problems for patients who rely on an oxygen concentrator is that they often feel limited as they are tied to large equipment. This equipment restricts the ability to do things such as getting out and visiting their favorite stores. Mobility Healthcare offers the option of a compact portable oxygen concentrator for rental or purchase that allows patients to enjoy their freedom. They have a number of different options available for rental as well as purchase. Find a Medical Supply Store in Prosper TX.

This portable oxygen concentrator is super compact that allows for easy transportation. It can last up to 3.7 hours on a single battery charge and weighs just 14 pounds. In fact, it is the only person ambulatory oxygen system available on the market and it is FAA approved for use on airlines. A number of settings are available on this unit to meet specific needs of an individual. The staff at Mobility Healthcare helps patients in setting up the right program and they also train individuals on the best way to use the unit.

Medical Supplies Prosper

They have a huge range of mobility scooters at their showroom. These scooters are perfect for transportability, outdoor access and home environment. Their trained staff is always happy to help patients on choosing the right scooter. They offer a wide selection of three wheel as well as four wheel scooters. Buy Medical Supplies in Prosper Texas.

Mobility Scooters Prosper

The three wheel scooters are equipped with just three wheels. These also come with a mini anti tip wheel at the front of the scooter. The anti tip wheel helps in increasing the stability of the scooter and makes it a safe option for disabled and elderly individuals. Many people prefer three wheel scooters over four wheel scooters as the turning radius is much smaller as compared to the four wheeled scooter. These scooters allow patients to make turns in an easy manner. The three wheel scooters also allow riders to move smoothly over sidewalk curbs as well as slightly raised terrain. We are your local Prosper Mobility Scooters dealer.

Oxygen Concentrator Prosper

Four wheeled mobility scooters have some advantages over three wheel scooters. The biggest difference between these two scooters is that the four wheeled scooter comes with one extra wheel with two wheels on the front and two in the back. The biggest advantage of these four wheeled scooters is that these are more stable due to equal weight distribution. Find a Oxygen Concentrator in Prosper.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Prosper

These are a great option for patients who often travel outdoors. The increased stability means that they can move more easily on the outer surfaces as compared to the three wheel scooters. These are also great for patients whose daily route include hilly terrain as these are more stable. These are also a better option for heavier individuals due to greater stability and efficient weight distribution. Portable Oxygen Concentrator for sale in Prosper.

These are available for rental as well as outright purchase. They offer rental options for one day, a week as well as a month.

Shower Chairs Prosper

Mobility Healthcare also supplies a wide variety of wheelchairs across the Prosper area. In addition to serving customers at their retail location, they also offer evaluation, processing, delivery as well as servicing of various types of manual and power wheelchairs. Find Shower Chairs for sale in Prosper.

Bath Chairs Prosper

They offer a wide variety of manual wheelchairs to help patients. They offer wheelchairs on rental as well as purchase basis along with a variety of accessories. They work with physical therapists, occupational therapists and physicians to evaluate the patients for ultra light wheelchairs, transport chairs and lightweight wheelchairs. Their wheelchair solutions are covered by a number of private insurance companies, Medicaid as well as Medicare. Buy Bath Chairs in Prosper.

Commode Chair Prosper

They also offer a wide selection of power wheelchairs. The options range from standard power wheelchairs to complex power wheelchairs that come with custom positioning and seating options. The trained professionals at the company help clients in evaluating the right power wheelchairs for their needs. They also have qualified ATPs is on staff that help clients in determining if the wheelchair is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers and other funding sources. Commode Chair Prosper for purchase.

Knee Walker Prosper

They offer a huge range of lift chair options for patients. Many models available at the showroom offer a variety of features that must be considered during the buying process to meet the unique needs of each patient. There are a number of benefits of lift chairs especially for patients suffering from arthritis. The correct lift recliner gives confidence to the patient and reduces the chances of falling.

They have a number of options in terms of fabrics and colors to match the decor of the home of the patient. The options for lift chairs include single position as well as multi position models. In addition to the existing products, they can also custom order a lift chair for clients in case they are not happy with the fabrics or color options available at their store. Knee Walker Prosper buy wholesale.

Their trained staff is always ready to help patients in choosing the right lift chair. Currently, the chairs are available for monthly rental at an affordable price.

Knee Scooter Prosper

They offer a wide range of Walkers and rollators to provide the right mobility solutions to their clients. They have all the needed products and accessories to make their customers more independent by offering them a safe environment in the community as well as their home. Knee Scooter in Prosper for sale.

Crutches Prosper

There are a number of advantages of using a walker for elderly as well as injured individuals. Walkers are lightweight and compact which means that these are easy to use. There are a number of different styles of Walkers available. Some of the models are portable which means that these can be easily carried into buses and cars. These are also excellent option for individuals who often need to use public transportation. Most of the models come with the option of adjustable height.

Durable Medical Equipment Prosper

Durable Medical Equipment in Prosper.Rollators are equipped with four wheels and these also swivel around to allow individuals to turn quickly. These also come with ergonomic breaks to keep the user safe. There are many different styles available that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

In addition to the above products, they also supply a wide variety of medical supplies. Some of their other products include ADL products such as button hooks, hip kits, shoe horns and sock donners. They also supply compression stockings with a wide variety of options. They are also a major supplier of the CPAP and BiPAP machines and supply products such as filters, masks, machines, humidifiers and other supplies. They also offer a wide variety of diabetic supplies such as test strips, diabetic shoes, footwear, compression socks and glucose monitors among others.

Motorized Wheelchair Prosper

Come in today for motorized wheelchairs in Prosper. They also carry a wide variety of orthopedic products such as splints, slings, soft goods, braces and other products for supporting bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Medical Equipment Rental Prosper

Medical Equipment Rental Prosper by Mobility Health Care. They also have a blog on their website where the staff posts helpful content for patients. In addition to the reviews of the products in the store, they also offer advice on various medical aids and the advantages of using various medical devices.

Electric Wheelchair Prosper

Thank you for choosing Mobility Health Care in Prosper for power and transport wheelchairs, geri chairs, adjustable hospital beds, rollators, walkers, life chairs and recliners, medical supply store in Prosper, mobility scooters, oxygen concentrators, portable odygen concentrators, shower and bath tub chairs, commode chairs, knee walker and scooters, crutches, durable medical equipment, motorized whelchairs, rentals and more.



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